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At 13sides we provide fun mobile applications for use on Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry operating systems. While we are a new company, we're actively building useful applications you can use quickly and easily on your mobile device. Check out our products below and be sure to send us some feedback!


Jotnaut Hosted Inventory Solution

Jotnaut is a powerful, fully hosted inventory solution for small-medium business with additional advanced offerings for enterprise. A limited beta trial will be available soon.

  • Fully hosted maintenance free solution frees up your time money to grow your business
  • Web-based and mobile browser friendly interface allows you to manage your inventory from any tablet or PC
  • Intuitive and easy to use canned setup will get you up and running fast with minimal configuration
Contact us to request a spot in our beta!


MoKe PC Remote Control for BlackBerry

MoKe is a free downloadable application that allows you to control your PC's mouse and keyboard using your BlackBerry.  Your trackpad controls your mouse, while your BB keyboard acts as your PC keyboard.  When you've got a home-theatre PC, or you just to feel like reaching accross the room to get your laptop, you can just connect and control what you need. 

  • Easy to use
  • Works over WiFi
  • Fast and light-weight so it won't chew up your battery

Download coming soon!



13sides Tools for Android

A simple widget providing access to basic settings on your device.                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Free!
  • Toggle WIFI
  • Toggle Bluetooth


Push to Talk for Windows Phone

13sides Inc. needs your help testing! There's only so much development we can do with a simulator, so please send us your feedback and we'll get bugs ironed as soon as possible.

Push to Talk is a wifi broadcast walkie-talkie style application. Unlike similar applications, Push To Talk broadcasts to all the people on the wifi network so there's no need to an internet connection.
  • Free (ad supported)
  • Broadcast to multiple people on the same wifi network
  • Multiple channels to choose from
  • Light and dark themes are fully supported
  • No internet or signup required


My Business Card for Windows Phone

My Business Card is a simple, fast, and lightweight way to share your contact information using a QR Code. This app encodes it as a MeCard that is compatible with virtually all QR Code scanners out there. Share quickly, and share easily with My Business Card.
  • Free!
  • MeCard compatible QR code works with virtually all QR code scanners
  • Built-in QR-code scanner lets you quickly snap MeCard compatible QR code to import a contact
  • Quick and light-weight application loads fast
  • Enable and disable fields in seconds
  • Uses camera LED flash


Tire Size Calculator for Windows Phone

For the car enthusiast that is upgrading their rims and tires, this app helps you easily calculate what tire and rim combination will fit your vehicle. The visualizer and detailed data give you all the information you need when shopping for a new set of wheels.
  • Simple UI
  • Lots of additional information about tires, maintenance, and answers to common questions


Quick Nap for Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10

A quick nap can often refresh your mind and body when timed correctly. The Quick Nap app lets you quickly set a timer for a quick snooze when you need it most.
Available For:
  • Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry 10

Windows Phone Features:
  • Set your nap in 5 minute increments
  • 5 different tones
  • Escalating volume for when you wakeup
  • Vibrate option
  • Lock screen disable option
  • System alarm option saves battery life

BlackBerry 10 Features:

  • Styled and fun user experience
  • Update your BBM status
  • Jumping sheep - for those who really do count sheep
  • Dynamic active frame support



Mobile Shiatsu for Windows Phone

Need a quick massage? Mobile Shitasu is a stylized app that turns your phone into a vibrating massager. Adjust the vibration length and pulse frequency to your hearts content.
  • Free!
  • Spa inspired use experience
  • Fully adjustable vibration settings
  • On, off, and pulse quick buttons


Flashback For BlackBerry

Flashback is a free downloadable application that turns your BlackBerry Bold, Torch, or Style into an LED flashlight. Using the built-in LED flash on the back of your phone, you can light your way through any situation.
  • Free!
  • Uses camera LED flash
  • Turns on the LED upon startup
  • LED will remain on even if your screen turns off (OS5 only)

Download at BlackBerry App World

Download Flashback at Blackberry App World


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